Guiding Businesses to Higher Profits Through Marketing, Innovation, & Branding Superiority

WARNING: Being “better” than your competition is simply not good enough anymore! You must…

Think Different 
Act Different
Be Different

What new business marketing ideas have you implemented lately? What separates you from your competition? What makes your customers HAVE to do business with you and WANT to tell their friends to do the same? Do you see the battle as “doing more of the same, but better?”

Simply improving your products and services is a losing proposition these days. Improvement is short-term, because you’re making it EASY for the competition to catch you.

Your objective isn’t just to be better than the competition in your market’s eye. It’s to be DIFFERENT…to be UNCOPYABLY SUPERIOR. And that’s what Steve Miller is all about. Teaching businesses how to be DIFFERENT by establishing a well-orchestrated brand through meaningful and relevant innovation.

Organizations who retain to advise them or book Steve Miller to speak at their events learn this… all this wrapped in a highly interactive, customized, educational, entertaining, and (dare we say it?), motivating experience. A “gunslinger” who has walked the talk, Steve’s expertise is based on years of working in Corporate America – from his start as a newbie salesperson for a small Tucson radio station to becoming the VP of International Sales and Marketing for a Japanese toy company to advising Fortune 500 CEOs and entrepreneurs.

What Clients Say:

Steve Miller is not your typical speaker. He doesn’t come on to you with a know-it-all attitude. He is down-to-earth and humorous. He wins over the audience with his engaging demeanor and easy-going style. The results are always positive and beneficial. Steve is very dedicated to his clients, that’s why so many of them bring him back time and time again.

Jim Carney, CEO, National Truck Equipment Association

Energy with a message is what I think is Steve’s strong suit. We talk a lot before an event, before Steve’s going to present to our people. He doesn’t build a canned presentation three months before the event. Sometimes we joke about it, that hey, he’s still not finished with it when he’s headed up for the stage. But what that means is you get a fresh presentation every time. It’s timely. It’s much more on target than someone who’s got, “OK, you want speech A, I’ll pull that out of the box. You want speech B, I’ll pull that out of the box.” Steve, as a speaker for both our AMT events and our IMTS events, is constructing original, individual presentations for each event. You can’t substitute that.

Peter Eelman, Vice-President, Association for Manufacturing Technology

I would tell anybody who called me what a board member told me and that is: hire him. Steve is a very dynamic, motivating speaker. He’s got a great presence and style, and it’s very personal. He doesn’t speak from a podium. He walks, he interacts, he engages, and he makes it fun. And it’s really easy to listen to him. And he speaks with such credibility. He’s just a superb speaker.

Libby Taylor, Vice-President, National Confectioners Association