Welcome Zoresco ELITE team member!

As you know we will be joining together on August 12.  I’ve put together this short welcome page for you.

After watching the video above, please feel free to check out some of my presentations, both live and online!

Any questions, please reach out directly to me at stevemiller@theadventure.com.

See you on August 12!

Ready To Hire Your Next Virtual Keynote Presenter?

Contact Kay Miller, his “Smokin’ Hot Wife” of 32 years. She’ll answer your questions and help you decide whether Steve is the right person to deliver a virtual presentation to your members, employees or other stakeholders. Reach out to Kay. If the situation is right, the two of you will plan a new and different kind of online presentation for your meeting – one that connects with your stakeholders. One that delivers the value, information and encouragement they need right now.