ShockedmanI am embarrassed to say this, but you probably don't know what I do.

I received an inquiry last week from a reader who wanted to talk about having me speak at his company's annual sales meeting. In the course of our conversation, he said, "I didn't know you gave speeches until you wrote about speaking in a recent post."

Aaargh. I wanted to kick myself. I knew I fell into the same old trap that most companies fall into.

I ASSUMED that my current clients, prospects, and readers knew what I did. And I was dead wrong.

Now before I attempt to correct my own situation with you, let's look at this from your perspective.

Do your customers and prospects know what you do? Do they know about all the products and services you provide? My guess is they don't. I've learned over the years that most companies do a lousy job of communicating this to their marketplace. And even though I KNEW this, I still fell into the trap.

It's an easy trap to get caught in. We beat the bushes for new prospects and then look for the quickest path for creating new relationships. And what do we typically try to sell in the beginning? We sell what's EASIEST to sell. This might be something different for different clients, depending on what seems to fill their need. But then, after getting them on board, a lot of salespeople and marketers (including me) get lazy. We keep on selling them what we've always sold them.

Have you ever had the situation where a long-time client found out about a different product line or service your company provides and said, "I wish I knew you sold this a long time! I had no idea you had  this capability." If you've been around for a while, I'm guessing you have.

You know what? This would be an excellent time to correct that situation. We're still a long ways away from the economy getting up a head of steam. Now is the time to meet with your current customers and bring them up to speed on your complete product line and/or services. Now is the time to make sure all your prospects are aware of your full capabilities. Then when things do get chugging again, you'll have a leg up on capturing a bigger share of their increasing budgets. Don't fall into the same trap I did.

So  with your permission, can I tell you a little about what I do?

My focus is marketing, strategy, and innovation. That's the one thing you probably already know. Here's my "product" line:

  • I give speeches and workshops. Since my first professional speech in 1982, I've given over 1200 marketing presentations to several hundred thousand corporate executives. If you're ever in the market for a really good speaker, I'd appreciate the consideration. Oh, and I'm also a very good MC or program moderator.
  • I'm a corporate gunslinger. Gunslingers are brought in to help with a unique problem. If it has to do with marketing, strategy, or innovative thinking, I'm your guy. I regularly facilitate strategic planning projects, marketing workshops, research programs, including focus groups. I advise CEOs, boards of directors, staff, and committees for small and large businesses and trade associations. (OK, I'm a consultant.)
  • I have presented and facilitated hundreds of webinars. With my background in broadcast media, as well as a successful marketer, I have a unique ability in a difficult medium.
  • I have products for businesses:

If you need help in any of these areas, I'd be honored to talk about it with you.

Now that you know a bit about what I do, it's your turn to make sure your market knows what YOU do.