Two dumb vendors:

Dear Morning Glory Landscaping,

You're fired.

Eight months ago our landscaping service told us they were stopping service in south King County. They were based in Seattle and decided it was too difficult to manage customers farther away. So we needed to find another service.

Since we didn't know any other ladnscapers in our area we decided to find you through Angie's List. Seemed like a good idea at the time. After looking through the listings, ratings, and recommendations we narrowed it down to three and after talking with each chose you.

That was a mistake.

In eighteen years our yard never looked worse than it does now. Here are photos of our front yard taken two days ago when we returned from our cabin:


For several weeks, Kay has has multiple conversations with you about the condition of our yard. She's asked you to do what it takes to bring it back to life and make it look nice again. We thought maybe we hadn't communicated what we expected a landscaper to do for us and tried to fix that. Since then, our yard has only gotten worse.

So you're fired.

Dear Sebastian's,

You're fired.

We have a cabin in Sunriver, OR. We LOVE Sunriver and come down as often as possible. When we do we always bring our two crazy border terriers, Hercules and Shaka.

We like to support the local merchants and were thrilled when you opened Sebastian's Healthy Food & Pet Supply in the Sunriver Village. We used to shop there every time we were at our cabin.

But we didn't shop there last week. Want to know why? Because you were never open when we came over.

I walked over at 11:30am one morning to get some dog food. You were closed with a sign on the door stating you'd be back at 10:00. Kay stopped by after lunch one day. You were closed again. This happened multiple times to us.

We mentioned this to other Sunriver residents. They all said the same thing. Each one had gone to your store during the day and you were closed. We all understand there are times when business is slow, but if you choose not to have consistent hours, well, we can't count on you. I guess we'll have to shop at the big PetsMart when we're in Bend.

So you're fired.