I was recently interviewed for Dan Kennedy’s No B.S. Marketing Diamond Inner Circle. These are top marketers.

But Dan brought up an interesting question he felt they should hear.

I use the term “unfair advantage” in the title of my book. Dan compared it to the word “monopoly,” saying many people see those terms negatively. How did I feel about that?

My reaction was simple. Hogwash.

Look, we’ve been brainwashed to think having a “monopoly,” or an “unfair advantage” is a BAD thing. That’s hogwash.

Whether Ma Bell’s monopoly was really a bad thing is open to interpretation, but our desire to have a monopoly in the mind of our customer should be our top objective. I don’t want to have a fair fight…to be the best choice they can make.

I want to be the ONLY choice they can make. I want to be a category of one.

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