Here's a nice little exercise for you. I recently decided to have my webinars transcribed and edited. Getting them transcribed is easy. Editing not so much.

I could do the editing myself, but one of the Rules of Being Time Vicious is to never spend time doing low cost jobs. In other words, if I can do things that earn me $100 per hour, I should never do something I can pay someone $10/hr to do.

There are several online sources for finding someone to help me. This time I chose to use It's pretty painless. You register, post a job, and wait for their independent contractors to respond.

My job was going to be pretty simple. All I wanted was for the editor to take my rambling conversational style (see The Uselessness of "Constructive" Criticism), and make it readable. 

I received a total of 27 applications before cutting it off. I read over their resumés and proposals and picked one. I'm sharing just ten of those proposals here and I have a challenge for you. The person I chose is in this list. Who did I chose and why? (BTW, the person did a great job of editing a 16,000 word transcript. It cost me $33.33.)

Here are the ten (BTW, all of these had good resumés):

Candidate #1

I would be very interested in working on your articles with you. A working relationship between me will be highly productive because

1. I have experience in copy writing, editing, Press Release Writing and SEO writing
2. I am a very fast writer with a turnover of more than one article per hour and a quick response time.
3. I am creative and therefore will never hand in plagiarized work.

I hope you will consider my application favorably

Candidate #2

I have opened the transcript of your webinar. I am interested in doing the "clean-up" for you.

However, if you choose ask me to do this for you, we will need to define "clean-up" better. From what I have read, this may need some minor grammar corrections as well as quite a few that will need restructuring of sentences to make the message clearer. One of the first questions I will ask is if you want to be totally true to the transcript or you would allow deviation from transcript in cases where there exists an opportunity to make the message clearer.

Also, in some cases I may need to communicate with you to understand what you mean to say.

I estimate this will take no more than one week to do, and the final cost to you will be less than $50.

Candidate #3

I have over 25 years of professional editing experience. I'd be happy to help.
Hope to hear from you.

Candidate #4
I am interested in the job offered by you and therefore applying to it.

I have 12 years experience in the transcription field of which 10 years experience as an editor/proofreader where my job is to fix grammatical errors, typos, spelling errors, etc.

The editing should not take more than 3-4 hours and expected delivery date 3-4 days.

Thank you in advance and I look forward to hearing from you.

Candidate #5

I am interested to work with you. I have enough experience for proofreading and editing. I have enough English knowledge both written and verbal. Besides I have a conversational certificate course from BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) Window, donated by the UK aid foundation. Recently I have completed a research monograph proofreading or editing. You can justify me, supplying few pages for proofreading or editing. My rate is so minimal but I can give you highest opportunity. I must complete your project within your schedule time. I take 10-15 minutes per page.
I am mostly online at Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk and Skype. We can discuss there in the details, if you are interested. I wish you'd give me this chance. I can dedicate 30 hours/week for your job, and my daily hours are negotiable.

Candidate #6

In lieu of an explanation of my editing philosophy and skill, let me simply illustrate, using the first two paragraphs of your document, what I can accomplish for you.

Your Copy Reads:
Like I said, we maxed this thing out today. We’re here to talk about building a rock-solid, implementable and profitable referral marketing strategy. That’s what we’re here to talk about. I assume that most of you have a pretty good idea who I am. You probably read my blog, probably get my e-mails and things like that.

For those of you that don’t know, go check me out at, and you can read about me there, and to my blog, Those links are in the e-mails that we sent out to you today and that you got after your – after you signed up for the program as well. And so, as you know, I’m Kelly’s dad, marketing gunslinger up here in Federal Way, and I’ve been in business now for about 26, 27 years, something like that. I know Kay is on watching this. I don’t really know.

I would edit it to:
"Let’s talk about building a rock-solid, implementable and profitable referral marketing strategy. That’s why you’re picked up this book, right? I assume most of you have a good idea who I am. You probably read my blog or receive my e-mails."

Candidate #7

I read your job description and looked at the webinar transcription to get an idea of what is involved. I would prefer to offer a fixed bid of $50 plus o-Desk fees to edit/proof. I could have it completed within one day. New to o-Desk since last January, I have had over 60 jobs and many of these related to editing/proofreading. Please feel free to look at my profile and read some of the feedback that has helped garner a near perfect 5-star rating. I have proofread novels and stories, articles and short stories, sales letters and company handbooks, etc. My strong work ethic, attention to detail and accuracy, extensive editing experience and creative writing ability would be assets to the position you seek to fill. In addition to the o-Desk jobs, I have served as an editor of a yearbook and a newspaper in school, and also I served as an editor for 10 years for a quarterly newsletter to parents/faculty of gifted and talented students. At the present, I edit all of my husband's international business translations as he is a non-native English speaker and I work for two firms which create resumes and letters of application for professionals seeking advanced degree programs. I have 34 years teaching experience and hold two master degrees. I wish you all the best. Thank you for your consideration.

Candidate #8

I've reviewed the transcript, and estimate about 5 hours to "clean" it up. It would also be helpful to have the recording to ensure there is no confusion. I could have it completed by Saturday.

More about me.

I'm currently retired, which allows me the time to do proper research, and provide well written work in a timely fashion. Anything I write I run through my own Copyscape account to ensure originality.

I have a BA in English with a minor in History.

I've held a Real Estate license, and I've also taken a
Financial Securities Course.

I specialize in:

* social media specialist with corporate
and individual experience
* reputation management
* resumes,
* press releases,
* letters of recommendation & introduction
* website copy writing,
* articles,
* wikipedia profiles
* proofreading, and
* editing

I've worked online since 1997 (15 Years). and have been involved in many different aspects of internet marketing, promoting and selling.

I've developed my own sites, and sites for google adsense, affiliate sites, as well as running an online newsletter for 10 years. This newsletter was directed at people who were trying to do business online, and at one time had 60,000 subscribers.

I have written for two English language newspapers, and at one time had two columns that I wrote for a couple of years. These can be viewed here:

Medical Column

Pet Column

I have strong writing skills and I know and understand SEO keyword placement, and the importance of them in articles and website copy.

I've worked with SEO, and understand the importance of algorithms changes and search engine requirements as it relates to page rank.

I have a finished Ebook on How To Make Soap and it can be seen here:

Familiar with:

* WordPress
* Dreamweaver
* Photoshop
* PowerPoint Presentations

Social Media Applications – Experienced as Corporate Social Media Manager for a number of companies using the following applications:

* Facebook
* Twitter
* Google+ Local Business
* LinkedIn
* Pinterest
* YouTube Channels

I have access to 2 separate high speed internet accounts for projects and personal use. I can communicate using Vonage or SKYPE.

Candidate #9

I would like to offer you my editing/proofreading service. I am sure you will look into every applicant's profile, so I will forgo mentioning my credentials and just let my contractor profile speak for itself.

I'd like to bid $30 or 3 hours of logged-in time, given my hourly rate, to polish your transcript and a turnaround time of 24 hours. I'm attaching a sample I did on the first page of your transcript.

(attachment with edited first page)

Candidate #10

I am a university professor of English who is a creative writer, an adept editor and a meticulous proofreader with an eye for detail and an unwavering focus. I have gone over your attached webinar transcription and being an English instructor, I am familiar with the task of cleaning it up for readability and publication. For over 20 years I have taught university-level English including specialized courses in grammar, composition, argumentation and creative writer. As a creative writer, I write articles, reviews, speeches, letters, reports, academic papers and some poetry.

I hold a Master of Arts in English and a Doctor of Education. I passed the US English Sentence Structure Test for Writing Professionals 99% Top 10, the US English Editing Skills Test 76% and the US English Proofreading Skills Test 91% Top 10 among others.

I do line editing, copy editing and substantive editing. i edit content for organization, language and word choice, tone and quality of content. I can help choose better or more appropriate words where needed, reword awkward sentences, spot and correct grammatical or stylistic errors and help improve the flow of ideas.I have a keen eye for correct grammar, usage, spelling, punctuation, syntax and sentence structure. I use the Track Changes feature to show suggested changes.

I have proofread and edited different documents ranging from literary, business, technical, scientific, religious to academic which include transcriptions, handbooks, books (fiction and non-fiction), reviews, guides, manuals, abstracts, blog posts, web content, articles, research papers and academic writings among others. These earned me great feedback. You may read the clients' comments in my profile.

I put 100% commitment to any project I work on and I strictly adhere to deadlines.

I am currently available to start immediately.

I look forward to hearing from you. .

Thank you for your time.


Who would YOU choose?