OK, this one might be a bit too bizarre. It’s certainly shows the AMAZING power of the Internet.

We (my wife, Kay, and daughter, Kelly) were in Bellingham, WA this week for the Washington State High School Golf Championships (see my previous post).

On Tuesday evening, May 20, all the parents and players from Kelly’s school, Life Christian Academy, went out for dinner. We eagerly looked forward to some great pizza and Italian food at Stanellos, because it had been recommended by friends.

Apparently, what our friends hadn’t experienced was the totally rude and insolent attitude we met from the owner, Stan Velis. After most of us had been seated in a large, mostly empty and nondescript room, the last group of three people, including Kelly’s golf coach, showed up. Stan told the latecomers they could NOT sit with us in the mostly empty room and led them to an upstairs room, equally large and completely empty. One of the three told Stan they wanted to sit with the group, not alone upstairs, and the fireworks started. Stan became very upset and told our coach and the two parents with him that he didn’t like their attitude.

Of course, they decided to go somewhere else. As the rest of us found out what was happening we also asked Stan why they couldn’t sit with us in the large empty room. Stan blew his stack and chewed out one of the mothers. I then went to Stan and said, "You’re going to lose all of us, if you continue to treat us like this." His exact words? "I’m GLAD you’re leaving!"

So we did. We walked across the street to Mambo Italian Cafe where we were greeted with open arms and great food. We all give it big thumbs up.

So here’s where it gets bizarre. Yesterday I wrote several scathing reviews of Stanellos and submitted them to restaurant sites. Today, the Stanellos site announces they are CLOSING on June 5! I had no idea those reviews were so powerful.

Amazing, but true.

So how much did Stan lose? Well figure roughly $30 per person, plus 20% tip. Just under $1000. I’m sure his wait staff was thrilled to watch that tip walk out the door.