I’ve already received two submissions to my "Who Doesn’t Get Our Money in 2008?" project, and they’re a couple of doozies.

From Mary Ellene Kirkbride, VP Client Relations for TRIPLEX:

Steve – Who won’t get MY money?  Lazy Boy. 

My sister and I are of a ‘certain age’.  We entered a Lazy Boy store, ready to look and buy.  The salesperson approached and we said "Where are the LAZY GIRLS?" 

He looked at us in horror, turned his back – and walked away.  No one approached us again – as we meandered through the store.

Why is such a good product for BOYS ONLY? 
These GIRLS aren’t gonna buy~!

Mary Ellen went on tell me that BOTH she and her sister were looking. So at $900 each, the money that Lazy Boy won’t get totals $1800!

From Peter Eelman, Vice President of Exhibitions for the Association of Manufacturing Technology:

I just returned from a meeting at the Silverado resort in Napa Valley. While there a couple of other staffers and I played a round of golf. Both the other guys were beginners, so we played slower than the experienced group in front of us. Nobody said anything us to us until the 14th hole. The course ranger asked us to speed, which we tried to do. On the 16th hole, the same ranger drove up and announced, "Just so you know, the group in front of you is done and they’ve probably already had a couple of beers," and then drove off.

Because of that guy, I will NEVER hold a meeting at Silverado again.

Total money lost? About $100,000! Way to go ranger!

2008 Running Total – $106,250