I have an earache, so my doctor called in a prescription for amoxicillin to our local Rite-Aid. I drove over a couple hours later to pick it up. The pharmacist said he was finishing up my prescription and it would just be a couple of minutes. True to his word, he called me over soon after.

His name was Paras Doshi . Actually, I imagine it still is Parsas Doshi, but I digress. He was very friendly and very efficient.

A technician took care of the payment and asked if I was happy with Mr. Doshi. I said I was very happy with him. She then asked if I would be willing to take a survey for him to which I said yes. I thought, hey, this guy did a good job and I'm happy to tell the bosses. She showed me the link on my receipt.

And that's when she said something I HATE to hear. The technician explained it was very important I give Mr. Doshi ALL FIVEs in my survey, otherwise he would get in trouble.

At that moment I knew I would not take the survey. 

Doesn't that irritate you when you are asked for your feedback and then told you MUST give that person and/or business a perfect score? What exactly is the point?

I'm not going to get into a huge rant here, because I suspect that YOU feel exactly the same way. I have never met anybody who thinks these surveys mean anything.

Am I wrong? Nah, I'm not wrong. But if you feel like venting a bit here, please do. I'm going to tweet this with the hastag #riteaidfail, if you want to join me.