I first met Jack laLanne several years ago at a National Speakers Association annual convention. For most of us boomers, Jack was that crazy guy who showed up on late night television expounding the benefits of exercise, eating right, and positive attitude. Nobody ever admitted to exercising with Jack, but I'm sure a lot did (sort of like nobody admits to eating at McDonalds today).

I was struck by how small Jack really was. He looked huge on TV. But he wasn't small inside. Jack literally exploded with enthusiasm. I introduced myself, shook his hand, saying how honored I was to meet him. Wearing his trademark blue one-piece exercise suit, he jumped back and took a fighter's pose. "C'mon kid, let's do pushups right now! Bet you can't beat me!" And no doubt he was right. Every year I saw him he'd say, "C'mon kid, let's do pushups! Bet you can't beat me!"

Jack passed away yesterday at the age of 96, and according to his personal manager, he exercised to the end. Jack may have been a bit kooky to us, but he was absolutely true to himself. He was a positive force in our world, touching everybody he could, whenever he could. We lost one of the world's really good guys.

Whether you know who Jack LaLanne was or not, give yourself a shot of positive today by watching this 3:06 clip from his TV show: