I just returned from two weeks in the Mediterranean with my wife, Kay. We celebrated our 20th anniversary with a few days in Rome and Barcelona sandwiched around an eight day cruise on the Windstar cruise ship, the Wind Surf. That’s our ship in the picture.

On one of our legs to Rome we flew Iberia Airlines from New York/JFK to Madrid and were treated to outstanding service by the purser, Eduardo.

As we descended into Madrid, Eduardo went through the entire business-class cabin to personally shake everyone’s hands and thank us all for flying with Iberia. Kay and I were more than impressed.

The capper, though, came when the captain gave his final announcement of our arrival. He ended by saying, "We are blessed to have you on board."

I have never had an airline captain say his company was blessed to have me on board. I have never had a restaurant owner, or a hotel manager, or a contractor, or even a salesperson at Nordstrom say they were blessed to have me as a customer. Have you?

This was a wow for Kay and I. We told everyone on the cruise about it. The Iberia captain made us feel special.

That said, I’ve never told anybody I was blessed to have him or her as a client.

Maybe I should.