We are ALL different now

That means your prospects and customers are different now, too. In fact, profoundly different.

I’m willing to bet you have not recognized this profound change I refer to and, as a result, have not modified your marketing and communication strategies.

Too bad.

My realization was, as I heard Tom Peters once say, a BLINDING FLASH OF THE OBVIOUS. And I immediately got to work helping my consulting clients and Circle Mastermind with a unique approach to uncopyable marketing and branding. The results were extraordinary. Here’s what I shared with my new BFFs and hosts, Nicole Marsalis and Dan Cole, in the newest SPROCKIT ASK THE EXPERT SERIES:

  • What is the single biggest and profound change that has happened to pretty much ALL of us, yet businesses have, for the most part, completely missed?
  • Why it’s more important than ever to be uniquely and valuably different
  • The #1 mistake businesses make when developing their marketing and branding strategies
  • The new strategy I developed during COVID that has returned extraordinary results for my clients
  • The marketing tool you need to put BACK in your toolbox and how to use it profitably this time.