Uncopyable Rock Star: Birkenstock 1When you hear the word Birkenstocks,” you no doubt think of the classic sandals you see me wearing in this photo.

I’d venture to say that even the most fashion-challenged could easily identify these by their distinctive style. They’re not exactly attractive by traditional standards – like the Moon River, they’re “wider than a mile.” But they have a comfy, quirky vibe that’s unique – and unapologetically down-to-earth.

Basically, they have an effortlessly cool cachet.

The Birkenstock company makes shoes in a lot of different styles. But I’m guessing their classic sandal is by far the best seller. Knock-offs might be identical, but they’re not Birkenstocks. When I lose mine, and can’t remember whether I left them by the TV or under the kitchen table, the question I ask is, “Has anyone seen my Birkenstocks?” Not sandals. Birkenstocks.

You don’t have to do a Google search to know that these are quality shoes (but I did, and they are). Birkenstocks are built for function. They’re made with the highest quality materials. Birkenstock invented the contoured footbed, which was introduced to the U.S. in 1930 – many years after Johann Birkenstock first started cobbling in Germany back in 1774.

I’ve owned this particular pair of Birkenstocks for at least 15 years. I looked today and found the same pair online for $125.00. I’d call that a pretty good bargain.

In honor of their distinctive style – as well as quality and value, Birkenstock is an Uncopyable Rock Star.