Uncopyable Rock Star: Zappos 1Need shoes? I recommend you do what I did, and order from one of our Uncopyable Rock Stars: Zappos.

I love that the Zappos branding promise is summed up in the printed message on the box. And when I ordered shoes recently, Zappos definitely delivered.

“Free shipping, both ways,” means you can order as many pairs of shoes as you want. Try them on at home. Return what you don’t want. (Warning: you may find yourself wanting all of them).Uncopyable Rock Star: Zappos 2

I needed white shoes a couple weeks ago, ASAP. Yes, I’m a gifted procrastinator!

I went to our local DSW and my fears were confirmed: I’d waited too long. I found a pair on clearance, but it was sold out in my size. “Check online,” I was told. I did, and DWS.com had them! Alas, there was no apparent way to expedite them, and no phone number. I opened a “Chat.” A message popped up and told me it would be 21 minutes until I could expect a response.

Then this message appeared: Your chat has ended.

Uncopyable Rock Star: Zappos 3Expletive!!

Steve suggested I try Zappos, and since I always take his suggestions, that’s what I did. I called the phone number I found online. Within one minute, a real person answered. During the short wait, I heard this recorded message: “Press One to hear the Joke of the Day.” If you know anything about me, you know I immediately pressed ONE!* I was still chuckling when the phone was answered by David. He was friendly and helpful, and offered to expedite my order – for no charge. “You’re my last call of the day!” he said cheerfully. Maybe he would have done the same for anyone, but I felt special.

The shoes arrived. I kept two of the pairs from Zappos and will return the other, using a FREE shipping label I printed online. The DSW pair is going back to the store – and I’ll take them myself since returning them would cost an extra $8.50.

The next time I need shoes, I’ll skip DSW and order from Zappos, an Uncopyable Rock Star.

*The joke: Q: Why should you never tell a secret in a Corn Field? A: Because the Corn has EARS. 😉