Uncopyable Rock Star: Vegas 1“What happens here, stays here.”

Can you identify the city this slogan refers to? Of course. The answer is Las Vegas. Or just Vegas, as it’s often referred to.

The slogan is a legend, yet relevant. If you’re old enough, you’ve seen/heard this slogan in ads. If not, you’ve heard it in movies, songs and in passing. I personally say it to anyone I know who tells me they’re going – or have been – to Vegas.

Steve and I were in Las Vegas recently, during our West Coast marathon road trip. The official story: we were in Vegas to visit family. Of course there’s more – but I can’t tell you about it. It’s the part that will stay in Vegas.

I’m kidding of course. But I do think of the famous slogan every time I’m there. The phrase perfectly sums up the Las Vegas Brand.

Exactly what is the Vegas attraction? I think of it as a fantasy, escape, or excuse. This article tells how it was first described back in 2003. After brainstorming and a year of research, the R and R Partners ad firm summed up the Las Vegas branding statement like this: In Vegas you can have the freedom to be someone you can’t be at home.

(For a laugh, check out this funny ad from 2006, with a man testing which occupations work best for picking up girls.)

The “What happens here, stays here” campaign combined humor with a perfect blend of mystery and clarity. To this day, the phrase communicates the Vegas message and lets you know why you want (or perhaps don’t want) to go there. For a stellar job in defining and communicating its brand, Vegas is an Uncopyable Rock Star.