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Have you ever heard of  Mattress Mack? If not, you probably will soon.

Jim McIngvale, known as “Mattress Mack,” is the owner of Gallery Furniture. He was already well-known and loved in Houston, his home town. His quirky, silly commercials are memorable. His promotions are unconventional. And ever since he opened his furniture store in 1981, he’s been known as an extremely hard worker and philanthropist.

Now he’s been launched into the stratosphere of fame by his generosity in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

The devastation in Southeastern Texas is on everyone’s mind. Many of us are doing something about it, like donating to the Red Cross. But that’s nothing compared to the heroic efforts by first-responders, local volunteers and businesses.

In the aftermath of Harvey, “Mattress Mack” stepped up immediately. He announced he was opening the doors of Gallery Furniture to those displaced by the disaster. “To hell with profits,” he said. Let’s take care of the people.”

Several hundred people made their way to his store. An additional 200 were picked up by Gallery Furniture delivery trucks. In the video above you can hear reactions from grateful evacuees first-hand. (Local restaurants stepped in to serve them food, and other services are being provided as well).

As for those quirky Gallery Furniture commercials, they’ve been a key to his success. It turns out his tag line came about accidentally. In the early days, while he was in a make-or-break phase of his business, he rushed through his commercial message. He talked fast to save money on filming. He quickly said, “Gallery Furniture will SAVE YOU MONEY!” The clear message worked. He’s enjoyed years of success, and the product line has now expanded to include expensive luxury furniture.

During an interview, some of the evacuees were seen lounging on the furniture in his show room. McIngvale was asked, “Will you sell the furniture?”

“Oh sure,” he replied. “Maybe I’ll have a Harvey Floor Model Sale. I’ll come up with some schtick!”

His act of generosity will ultimately mean even more success. Many will buy from him for that reason alone. But it’s hard not to be deeply touched by the fact that to him, the definition of success goes far beyond the furniture he sells.

Kudos, Mattress Mack. You’re an Uncopyable Rock Star.