Mattell_ceo Click on the photo and you can view the "apology" from
Bob Eckert, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Mattel, Inc. regarding problems with lead paint and small magnets endangering our kids.

Is he believable? I’m not so sure. While watching Bob, I thought back to the infamous Chrysler odometer-tampering scandal back in 1987. When they were caught turning back odometers, Iacocca came right out and said, "Did we screw up? You bet."

Big corporations have a tough enough time today making the public believe they care. Trust is very difficult to build with a customer base, but it’s real easy to lose.

Does this video with Bob wearing his gray suit, reading from a teleprompter, and well-rehearsed (watch his hands), make you trust him? Does Bob give you the impression he cares about your kids? Did Bob make you believe that he and everybody else in upper management had no idea these things were happening? 

Does "I can’t change what happened in the past…" and "I’m as upset and disappointed as anyone…" sound like "Did we screw up? You bet." ?