Tiger Woods is back in a very big way. His recent victory at the finals of the PGA Tour Fedex Cup Championship was a long road back from his travails of the last nine years, including a sex scandal, divorce, and four back surgeries.

Years ago, I used to include Tiger’s innate ability to think differently from the average golfer as a great example for understanding our own situations. I even gave a 12-minute talk at the famous TED Conference about it. After the scandals, I had to stop using it and TED removed it from the video library. Thanks, Tiger.

But now that he’s winning again, I can’t help but ask the question, “What can we learn from the latest Tiger Woods?”

I believe I have figured something out. I think I’ve uncovered a powerful lesson. The problem is I’m not sure many of us, including me, are able to use it.

What did I discover? Watch this week’s UNCOPYABLE Business video are find out. And then I wish you luck trying it out for yourself.

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