47120_1597526175042_1142610739_1883741_2991699_n For those of you following our quest to land a golf scholarship, here's the latest news. Kelly has received her first bonafide offer from a Division 1 school. She is VERY excited and, of course, so is her Dad.

I can't tell you who the school is yet, as she still has a few more visits to make and it's quite possible that those coaches might be reading this.

The big deal for us is that Kelly's value just went up because of the Law of Supply and Demand. Kelly can now tell the other coaches that she has an offer. This is a good thing.

In the meantime, Kelly's still practicing and started school. But the last ten days before school I told her to go out and have fun and not think about golf. She packed in a Summer's worth of adventures and friend-time. This is a picture taken when Kel and three of her best friends camped out on the Washington coast. What a great photo!