Mark Cuban
OK, so I'm a few weeks behind and this might be old news to you. It's still cool to write about.

On February 9, billionaire (in this economy…still?) Mark Cuban offered his own stimulus package on his blog. It's an interesting idea, based on offering a stimulus loan (not venture capital) to small businesses that expect to cash flow break even within 60 days and profitable within 90 days. Real businesses that need money for a kick-start in this economy. Sounds a lot like what a stimulus package should be.

I have no idea how many submissions Mark got (he has no idea who I am, but if he did, I'm sure we'd be on a first name basis). But I'm sure it's a lot. True to his word, he has selected four companies to loan money to.

Whether you like Mark or not isn't important here. I think it's pretty way cool that somebody with a lot of money has stepped up and offered to help–not with helping handouts, but with helping hand-UPS.