I've had a few requests to see the actual results of this survey I did a few months ago. I've reopened the survey and also set it up so you can see the results after you take it. If you have any difficulty, please email me at steve@theadventure.com.

And let's get more responses! I would greatly appreciate if you would forward this to your peers, as well as tweet about it. Thanks!

There are four primary ways you can increase your business, yet most of us don't have strategies to cover them all. How do you rate? take this brief survey and then think about how you can improve in your weak areas.

1. Get more customers

2. Get them to buy more often

3. Get them to spend more each time

4. Get them to bring you new customers

Successful companies understand the need to develop strategies and tactics designed to incorporate ALL FOUR of these.

Be brutally honest. No one's watching. Take this anonymous, one-minute survey and rate yourself and your company on each of these. Just click this link: Rate Yourself.