Word-of-mouth marketing is ginormously (that gi- as in g-eye) important to all of us. So I'm going to pass along some WOM love here.

If you fall into one or more of these categories, you'll want to read about a service I've been using for a couple of years now:

  • You use teleconferencing services that include more than three people on a call.
  • Your teleconferences include international callers.
  • You use or want to use teleseminars for your business – as a marketing tool or even a revenue-generator.
  • You are looking for a brand-dead no-frills, simple webinar service.
  • Your current teleconference/teleseminar service is hard to use, the quality isn't very good, and it costs too much.

Let's start with just those things. I could probably list more.

The service is called InstantTeleseminar, and as I said, I've been using it for over two years. I initially signed up to use it for my teleseminars. I soon realized it was an awesome teleconference tool as well. Let me give you a quick run-down about why it's so powerful:

1. It's brain-dead easy to use. It's web-based, so all you have to do is login to your account and Create an Event. Then it's just a couple of minutes filling out a simple form. Here's a screen shot:

Screen shot 2011-01-26 at January 26, 2011 05.39.38 PM (Click image to enlarge.)

You fill out the title of the teleseminar or teleconference, choose date and time, duration of call, the phone number and ID.

2. You can set up a webpage for your event, if you want. When doing a teleconference, I don't even use this. I just set up the date and get the phone number to email out.

3. You can really get into this, if you choose. You can set up a webpage with all the event info, if you want. You have the ability to offer webcast-only audio or telephone plus webcast audio.

4. Get this, for your international callers, they can Skype into an event, so there's no cost to call from their end! Very cool.

5. You can upload your own audio and if you need some simple visuals, you can upload a Powerpoint presentation. The service does not support animations, but so what? I've found that animations are overrated in any presentation.

So that's the setting up part. The real power of InstantTeleseminar happens when you go live. When the event starts, you then go to a Control Panel:

Screen shot 2011-01-26 at January 26, 2011 05.56.12 PM I think this is more of a Brain Center! Here are a few very cool highlights:

1. Who's on the phone? The service uses Caller ID, so you can see exactly who's called in and from where.

2. You can mute and unmute everybody or one at a time. If you have somebody talk, you can control their volume!

3. You can record the calls and visuals. (Afterward, you can download the audio, or just listen online.)

4. You can take text Q&A and/or set-up Chat.

5. If you want to add someone to the call, you can dial out during the event without putting anybody on hold!

6. At the level I'm on I can have up to 100 phone callers and 500 web attendees!

My subscription allows me an UNLIMITED number of events for one flat monthly fee and there's no contract or annual minimum. This is a very good product at a very reasonable fee and I've only touched on all the different services included.

If you do any teleconferences, teleseminars, or webinars, you owe it to yourself to give this a try. I give InstantTeleseminar two giant thumbs up.

But here's my recommendation. Go to this link:

InstantTeleseminar Video Tour (4 minutes)

While a lot of the message revolves around making money from teleseminars, if that's not your objective, don't worry. It's all still relevant for everyday business. And you can sign up for a 21-day trial for $1. If you don't see the value, then just stop your subscription.

Full disclosure: The above links are affiliate links, so if you do sign up for an InstantTeleseminar subscription, I'll get a commission. It won't cost you one penny more. It's sort of like that old Remington razor commercial, where the guy said, "I liked the product so much I bought the company!" Why not? 🙂