I feel like I’m a broken record. (No, I won’t explain. Ask your grandfather.)

It seems like every time I start working with another B2B company the same three mistakes keep popping up on their website.

I understand why this continues to happen. It’s because you’re in the same box everybody else in your industry/marketplace is in, and you study the competition to see what they’re doing. If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for us!

Stop it. Just stop it.

Watch this, then go fix your site.

AI Transcript (not perfect)

Hey, everybody. It’s Steve Miller, better known as Kelly’s Dad, Marketing Gunslinger. I’m Not the Rock star. Sorry. Been a lot of questions about that on our B2B Marketing and Sales podcast. If you haven’t been listening to that, please go sign up and join us, on that one. But I’ve got a quick little video here for you to talk about the three.

Biggest mistakes that you are probably making on your website, specifically on your homepage of your website. Now, I want you to think about this for a second. Okay. When somebody lands on the homepage of your website, how did they get there? Let’s start with the fact that they’re probably searching for something.

They’re searching for an answer. They’re searching for a solution. They’ve got a project that they need to be working on, and they have now started to do their research online, going to Google going talking. They’re talking to their friends and they’re saying, We’ve got an issue. We’ve got a problem.

Who do we talk to? And then they start to find these companies to go look at and then they click. Now in their mind, they are thinking essentially, Okay, I am looking for this solution. Is this the company I should be talking to? This is my problem. Are they gonna help me with my problem?

Whenever we go researching something, we are thinking about ourselves when we are researching. I do it. You do it, and so do your prospects. So let’s get right into this now. Okay. All right. First big mistake that most companies make is you just talk about yourselves. Okay?

Like I just said, if I’m, if I am going onto a website, I have my issues. I am the, I’m the potential prospect. I am a potential new order. Maybe a new relationship, lifetime relationship, Who knows? But the point being that I am not thinking about your concerns about who you are just yet, I’m mostly thinking about me.

So like for example, and I just randomly went out and picked out some companies on LinkedIn and just googled some things and stuff like that. None of these companies are clients. And I’m suspecting that a couple of them are probably never gonna be clients of mine because of, because what I’m gonna show them right now.

But, so for example, boom number one. I came to I I did a, I did just a quick search for CNC machines and CAD cam and stuff like that, and I found this one okay for MasterCam. So what’s the first thing that we see? All right. Master cam creates software services that solve the world’s manufacturing challenges.

This is what they say they do. Okay, now that’s pretty random as far as I’m concerned, but point being is that it’s about master cam. Now let’s scroll down here just a little bit more and look at this. Okay. All right. Master cam is easy and intuitive. It’s all about them. Maintains the depth of features.

What? What? I have a problem. How’s this helping me with my problem? But even worse, look at this. We help connect. The largest CAM community worldwide, our success is a direct result. Okay? Over here, our dedication to the manufacturing community, we collaborate with leading tool stuff like all this stuff, master cam supports improved use of it all right?

So what are they doing? They’re talking about them cells. They’re not talking about the customer. Now, let me just and I’m, I get to use these guys a couple of times, all right? Because I, I found completely different world, different industry, but it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter. All right, So these guys are in they’re like attorneys, okay?

They’re a law firm, marketing. Agency, and I, and look at what their headline is. Look at what their head, Let’s wait. First, let’s remind ourselves what was Master cam’s headline. Master cam creates software and services that solves the world’s manufacturing challenges.

All right. I’m sure nobody else could say that, right? Here’s consult webs for law firm marketing. All right? Get up to 236% more high quality cases than with your current agency within the first year. Who’s this? Who’s this about? This is about. The person who’s doing the searching and it says, Your search for a law firm.

Marketing ends here. Consultant Webs is your new secret weapon to aggressively scale your law firm without the headaches. Okay? Notice how they’re talking. From the customer’s perspective. Okay, so number one, stop talking about yourself on the homepage, all right? Especially the homepage. You can talk about yourself on the about page, the other pages but on the homepage, talk from the customer, from the prospect’s perspective.

Okay? The second thing that makes me a little bit crazy, And in Master Cam they don’t do it until they get they get down in here and they do something. They do what is known as the assumptive sale is that they are assuming that the person who is landing on this page wants help right now from them.

With Master Cam, you have to go through a reseller, so they’re gonna, they’re saying, they’re just saying, they’re just saying in there, Find my reseller instead of. What is your issue? What is your biggest problem? Tell us what you want to, what you wanna work on. We will help you find the person who will solve that for you with us.

Let me give you one more example of that. Okay? So another one I just jumped. I, I don’t know where this, I don’t know who this company be, Fractory, something like that. And this is something I see on most B2B websites, especially in the manufacturing world. Okay? Get instant. CNC Machine. Machine quote online, quote in seconds.

All this stuff, everything on the home, on, on the landing page. And this part, cuz like, when you go to their website, this is what right? All right, So here’s I scroll up. Here’s what you see when you land on their, on your website when they land on your website.

This is what’s known as above the fold. Above the fold is the single most important part of your website. Because when they land on your WE website, why should they? On your website, why should they stay? And if you’re not talking to them about them and about their situation and from their perspective, they’re gone.

And if you look at your analytics about money that they don’t, that most people don’t stay there very long. All right. So get a, get an instant quote that’s an assumptive sale. You’re assuming that they wanna work with you right now, or that the quote is the most important thing. Now what is the most important thing about a quote?

Let. Oh, God, what’s It starts with a p starts with a P price. Hello. If that’s all they’re doing is just going in there and getting a quote for the price, then they’re just gonna go, like that. And of course there are going to be some people like that, but for the most part, they are just, they just wanna know how you’re gonna help ’em solve their problem.

Okay. And then the third thing and is that, oh and oh, okay. Let me go back to my trustee, Law firm marketing law firm marketing. Consult webs, is that they don’t say, they don’t say, get a quote. They say, Let’s. Notice that, Let’s talk. And then, you click on that. It just says, Let’s talk.

Are you ready to crush your competition? We’re ready to guide you through all things. Okay do you have a question? Drop us a line. And they show the pictures of the people they’ll be talking to, everything like that. It’s just about saying, Let’s just connect, Hey, you want to connect?

You got some questions that we haven’t answered for you on our website? Then we’ll answer ’em for you right here. All right. And then the last. The last the third biggest mistake that we don’t see that we don’t see on your site is proof. Proof. If you tell me if I am a prospect and I land on your page, okay, number one, I expect you to tell me you’re great, right?

I expect you to tell me that you want me to contact you. Why should I contact you? Why should I talk to you? Where’s the proof? Alright. See, I’m looking along here. I’m looking along here. I don’t see anything that says that, that says what’s proof cuz. What’s proof today? Reviews testimonials.

Quotes from people, referrals, word of mouth. That’s proof. Okay. No, there’s no, there’s nothing here. There’s nothing here to give me it just, okay. Oh, here’s my capability. Their capability, Oh, here’s what they do. Okay? So again, it’s about them. It’s about them. About them. All right, So let’s go back to consult web.

Let’s go back to the homepage. This is their homepage, the landing page. All right? The home. All right. Get started, powerful results for law again. So they’re showing proof with numbers, but, but you know what? They could just say anything, right? They could say anything.

And they say, Oh, they’re, trusted partners, but then they get down here and guess what? They’ve got proof, testimonials. If someone was thinking about hiring consult webs, I would tell them, Do it now. Do not put it off because you’re costing yourself money. Here’s even better.

Even better, Way better. Since I started with consult webs, my revenue has tripled. Okay? That is a meaningful specific, So think about this. Go back to your website. Take a look at that homepage you got. Put yourself in the shoes of the prospect who is coming to look for help. And ask yourself, Okay, are you know, who are you talking about?

Are you talking about just yourself? Do you use the words we throughout it? Or do you use the words your, you in there? Okay. That’s how you, that’s how you know if you’re not using the words you and your and stuff like that, or words similar to that than you are talking about yourself. I’ll say, So number one, don’t talk about.

Talk about the prospect. Okay? Number two get rid of that. Get a quote. You’re stepping too far. You’re taking a big giant step. Ask, asking them to give you a quote. Just ask for the conversation. Just say, Got questions, need more, let’s talk. That type of thing. Don’t use terms that just, Mac of, We just want the sale.

We just want the sale. That’s all we want. And number three, put proof, get quotes, get testimonials. The best kind is a video testimonial. Second best kind is audio. Third best kind is a picture of the person with a quote like they’ve got on the law firm. Paige, you know you do those.

I guarantee you, you’re gonna start to see better. Is Steve Miller better known as Kelly’s dad, a marketing gun, Slinger and not the rockstar? , I’ll see you again down the road. I don’t know. How should I end this? Okay, I guess that’s it. Thank you. See ya.