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Many thanks for taking advantage of my $2.80 book promotion! In these incredibly difficult times, we feel compelled to help our BFFs as best as we can, so my smokin’ hot wife, Kay, and I are pushing as much information out as possible. Since the expanded paperback version of our Amazon #1 best seller just came out, we want to get this high value content into the hands of as many people as possible.

Depending on the response to this, we should ship your copy with 48 hours, usually sooner. Be sure to read it as soon as you get it! It’s very fast reading, but chock full of high impact strategies and tactics.


Stay in contact with your customers, even if to just offer support. Help wherever you can! When this is over, who do you think they’re going to think of – people who reached out and stayed in helpful touch…or people who stopped communicating…or people who just kept selling hard?

In addition, be sure to check out my recent blog posts sharing Massive Actions tips and tactics you can use right now. Especially watch these two videos I recorded:

Watch for your book arriving via USPS in a few days!

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