Last week a fourth-grade boy in Florida was bullied because of his homemade University of Tennessee t-shirt design. His school was having a college colors day and he wanted to show off his favorite school.

Unfortunately, he didn’t have any official UT apparel, but he did have an orange shirt. So the young man took a piece of paper and drew a large U.T. on it, complete with his now “label.” Ya gotta love that.

The young man proudly wore his t-shirt to school. During lunch, though, some girls made fun of his shirt. As you can imagine, he was devastated.

Read the whole story on this page:

Wanting to cheer him up, his teacher reached out on social media to see if anybody had any contacts at UT who could help get him an official t-shirt.

The story went viral. The young man got a bunch of cool University of Tennessee stuff. But the best happened next.

The University of Tennessee has now created an official UT t-shirt out of his design. Portion of the proceeds are going to @STOMPOutBullying.

Obviously, this is a great human interest story. It’s also a great business lesson we can all learn from. Watch this week’s UNCOPYABLE Business video and see what I mean.

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