A small brouhaha started a few days ago when a Target customer snapped a picture of a Target store employee bagging at a check stand. It turned out the bagger had been a fairly prominent actor on a top 1980’s sitcom, so this customer posted it on social media with comments shaming the actor.

Actually, shame on the customer and the media outlets that ran the story. Many of Hollywood’s top actors defended the Target employee, as they should. Acting is a very infrequent job, as many pointed out, and there’s no shame in taking any type of work to help pay the bills. Many also shared their own stories of working for hourly pay while they were struggling to make it as an actor.

I am 100% behind the integrity of this actor. Most of us have a crazy background of jobs held long before we climbed the so-called “success ladder,” me included.

I believe there’s more to the story of having these types of unrelated experiences, far more. I share what the is in this week’s UNCOPYABLE Business episode #108.

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