Uncopyable Rock Star: Lee's Discount Liquor 1

I burst out laughing when I saw this billboard for Lee’s Discount Liquor in Las Vegas.

Steve and I were in the midst of a slightly crazy road trip: Two weeks. 3200 miles. Just us – and the dog. (Okay, completely crazy.)

As we drove the Las Vegas highways, we saw more billboards. Each featured company founder Hae Un Lee and his son, Kenny, with more comical slogans:

“Alcohol – it’s cheaper than therapy.”

“I’m on a liquor diet. I’ve lost 3 days already. “

“I didn’t text you, Vodka did!”

Not only did these billboards get Steve’s and my attention, we started looking for more of them, because they were so entertaining.

Are the billboards over the top? Offensive? Some people might think so. But as the attached article explains, most people get the joke.

“We are goofy, funny and a little edgy,” Kenny Lee says.

Personally, I love it. Each billboard sends a message to Lee’s Discount Liquor’s “Moose” — their prospects. As for people who are offended? Those people aren’t their Moose. What they think doesn’t really matter.

Lee’s Discount Liquor sells something pretty darn simple: liquor at a discount. The billboards work because they get their Moose’s attention and deliver a message that resonates. Lee’s Discount Liquor is now the largest liquor chain in Las Vegas, with plans for continued growth.

By connecting their own faces with their brand and delivering billboard messages that are funny, edgy and a little controversial, Lee’s Discount Liquor is an Uncopyable Rock Star.

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