Steve Speaks

Steve Miller (that’s me speaking in the third person) is first and foremost Kelly’s Dad and Kay’s Hunky Husband (at least that’s what I tell her to call me). After that I am an Author, Marketing Gunslinger, legend in my own mind, and frequent speaker at conferences and events.

Below are clips from some of Steve’s presentations. If you’d like to watch a complete speech, I have three different presentations available on this page.

In the last 25 years as an unemployable misfit, I’ve managed to keep my family alive and well-fed by sharing my fairly unique philosophy on creating an UNCOPYABLE competitive strategy and lead generation.

I’ve given over 1600 speeches and workshops for corporations and associations in 125 126 127 different industries (updated 2018), most states in the U.S., and several international destinations. I’ve even spoken in Idaho.

Some people think I walk on water and regularly have me back to speak at their events again and again and again… well, they like me. I’m happy to share contact information with those people, if you like. A small number of people who wish I weren’t quite so straight-shooting think I should be UNDER water. I prefer not to share their information.

I’m a business speaker. I speak about marketing, branding, and innovation. I speak about generating new business and maintaining current relationships using new perspectives, innovative thinking, new and old media, and inexpensive tactics. I am funny, but I am not a humorist. I pump people up to make more money, but I am not a motivational speaker. I have great stories, but I am not a storyteller. I am a business speaker. Period. I also have extensive experience in audio, video, and online presentations.

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8 Reasons You Should Hire Me To Speak At Your Next Event

1. My client list has been called elite by people other than me. They can’t all be wrong.

You can see my client list of associations and corporations by clicking the links. The lists are long and, quite frankly, my best resumé.

2. I am there to make YOU look good, not me.

My ego is healthy and intact. I don’t live for standing ovations. I DO live for achieving YOUR objectives for my presentations and making people glad they came to your event.

3. I am great value.

I’m not cheap, but then I’m not bust-your-budget expensive, either. I have aspirations to be paid like Tom Peters and Tony Robbins, but I’m not there yet. If I were you, I’d take advantage of this sure-to-be-short-term situation.

4. I’m not just some guy playing a marketer onstage. I have been an actual marketer for 37 years.

I have the scars to prove it.

5. I will help you promote my presentation(s) and your event.

It only makes sense for me to help you do this. I don’t want an empty room any more than you do. I am happy to provide a webinar, webcast, teleseminar, or interview in advance to help you.

6. My presentations are relevant to my audiences.

I want your audience to feel I am talking directly to them. In addition to in-depth conversations with you and other stakeholders, I like to conduct pre-event surveys to help me better understand your industry and audience. This also gives me the ability to provide some unique and customized facts and statistics just for your event (otherwise I have to just make that stuff up).

7. I am a good speaker and have visual proof of my competence.

Watch the videos on this page. If you’d like to watch a complete speech, I have three different presentations available on this page.

8. I have been nominated for the International Speaker Hall-of-Fame.

Well, it’s a big deal to my mother.

If you’ve read this far, then you owe it to yourself to keep this relationship going.

Or give my office a call at 253-874-9665 and speak to my smokin’ hot Marketing Director, Kay, who also happens to be my wife. She will be thrilled you called!