I was recently interviewed by Aaron and Mayumi Muller on the Lifestyle Business Owner Show and we got into a discussion on why I don’t feel great customer service is enough to make you Uncopyable.

To be sure, there are places where great customer service can give you an advantage over competition, but in most cases, it’s temporary. Delivering great customer service is usually the choice of the supplier.

There’s a big difference between choosing to provide amazing customer service and choosing to create a customer experience that steps outside the traditional scope of service.

In this week’s UNCOPYABLE Business program, I share specific examples of both from Mattress Mack and Gallery Furniture in Houston, TX.

I’m testing a new system that delivers quizzes and assessments as lead magnets to prospects. You can have a little fun and help me out at the same time by taking a 10-question quiz. After you’ve taken it, please let me know if you had any difficulty or if there are any glitches. Contact me at stevemiller@theadventure.com. Here’s the link:

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