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If you can't tell, I really enjoy doing video. It gives me a chance to be creative and a bit of a ham while still sharing some good content. And it nicely feeds my fragile-macho-male-speaker-author-consultant ego when so many of you send nice comments! Thank you very much.

After posting last week's video, I also received a number of requests about what software I use to produce my videos. 

The software I use is called Screenflow. It's only for Mac OS and produced by Telestream, Inc. (For those of you who are still stuck on Windows, see below.) Here's a quick video I produced about Screenflow.


If you want to get Screenflow, CLICK HERE. (Full disclosure, this is an affiliate link.)

For those of you still stuck in the Windows world, the most popular screen capture program is Camtasia Studio. I've heard many good things about it. (This is NOT an affiliate link.)

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