As you can imagine, my list of heroes is mostly made up of mavericks — ex: Walt Disney, Mel Brooks, Stan Freberg, Leonardo DaVinci…

These are people who simply didn’t allow unwritten “rules” to direct them. Most them, like Steve Jobs, wrote their own rules of competition.

Herb Kelleher is near the top of my list. He was Uncopyable. He epitomized the word “maverick,” and the tales of his guiding Southwest Airlines to being the most profitable airline in the world are legendary . (If you haven’t heard about it, google “Malice in Dallas” and learn how Kelleher was the bellwether of promotion.)

Also be sure to watch this week’s UNCOPYABLE Business episode where I share three things about Herb I liked the most! I wish I’d sent him a copy of my book.

I wrote about a great experience I had on Southwest Airlines in my book, UNCOPYABLE: How to Create and Unfair Advantage Over Your Competition. It’s on page 89 for those of you who have my book.