This post is a bit off my usual topics of marketing, strategy, innovation, and experience. But I believe this is important.

I had a chance to interview a friend of mine recently — Eric Chester. I've known Eric for over 20 years now and he is without a doubt one of the most honest and sincere guys I know.

For many years Eric focused on helping the youth of America get ready for adulthood through speeches and books. He's a rare adult who is able to gain the trust of young adults and, at the same time, understand what makes them tick.

For several years now, Eric has reached out to Corporate America with the important message of helping them attract, motivate, and retain young talent. Too often we hear managers complain about young workers and Eric has the answers.

Eric labels himself as the only speaker on developing work ethic. It's a complicated issue, bot one that needs to be addressed.

If you have young people in your workforce, you should listen to my interview. If you have children you want to help someday become valuable members of America's workforce, you should listen to my interview. If you are concerned at all with the growing problem of work ethics, you should listen to my interview. It's 22 minutes. Just click on the box below. You can also right-click to download to listen on your own mp3 player. 

Eric Chester

Order Eric's book by going to his website: Reviving Work Ethic. Be sure to tell Eric you heard about it on my blog and he'll SIGN it for you!

If you're interested in helping teens and young adults launch successful careers, go to: The A Game.