It’s been a month since I wrote about the information marketer who doesn’t believe in refunds to unhappy customers. In that time he’s ignored any further communications from me.

His name is Russell Brunson.

Russell seems to think the customer is stupid. He obviously thinks an unhappy customer will simply let the whole thing drop, because it was more important for him to keep the $39.97 he got through deception than to do the right thing. I don’t know, maybe he needs the money.

Of course, as a professional speaker and author, stories like this are great. We’re always looking for good examples and bad examples to share. I’ve already shared this one with a lot of people, including during an interview on MSNBC. And I’ll share it again.

So a word to the wise: Russell might have some helpful information and I’m sure he has some happy customers, but read ALL the fine print when you order anything from him.

He wants your $39.97.