A couple of days ago, my smokin’ hot wife, Kay, and I flew into Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport.

On the surface that might not have been a big deal, but last month the Wall Street Journal released a study naming Sky Harbor as the “Friendliest Airport in the World®.” I remembered that and was interested in testing Sky Harbor employees to see if they lived up to the designation!

After landing, I thought it was cool when I spotted welcome signage saying, “Welcome the the Friendliest Airport in the World!” Wow, I thought. They jumped on the WSJ award!

Nope, they didn’t. Turns out Sky Harbor has titled itself “The World’s Friendliest Airport” for several years now! It’s their branding promise, and as far as we could tell, they’re doing a great job living up to it. Everybody we encountered was extremely friendly — gate agents, wait staff, and cashiers. 

Pay attention to this branding lesson! One of the most frequent questions I get is, “How do we separate ourselves from the competition?”

Watch Kay and I discuss why Sky Harbor’s promise is so powerful!

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