Are you glad 2016 is over? Or did you have an epic year and wish it would never end?

Well, either way, it’s OVER, and that’s both good and bad news! Regardless of whether you had a bad year or a good year, you still have to work hard to grow your business in 2017.

In this video, Steve shares the four (or is it five?) actions you should take every single day to grow your business. Are you doing these?


Meetings & Conventions Magazine calls Steve Miller the Idea Man for his non-traditional approach to marketing and branding. His latest book, UNCOPYABLE: How To Create An Unfair Advantage Over Your Competition, will be released in Feb 2017.

Steve calls himself Kelly’s Dad. That’s who he is. His business title is Marketing Gunslinger. He helps businesses grow by achieving what he calls “Uncopyable Superiority.”

Since founding The Adventure LLC in 1984, Steve’s consulting clients have ranged from solo entrepreneurs to Fortune 100 mega-corporations, including Proctor & Gamble (advising on the Swiffer WetJet product launch), Boeing Commercial Airplane (the 777 launch), Nordstrom, Starbucks, Caterpillar, Philips Electronics, Coca-Cola, and Halliburton, to name a few.