I'm currently in Cincinnati speaking at a workshop for exhibitors in the huge International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS). This is our fourth stop on a six-city tour educating companies how they can get the most out of exhibiting at the show this September.

IMTS is produced by the Association for Manufacturing Technology out of McLean, VA. I've been consulting with them for over 16 years now and count myself fortunate to have them as a client.

One of AMT's objectives is to help all their stakeholders be successful when using any tool provided by AMT, including when exhibiting at IMTS. This is a huge lesson for all of us.

AMT earns money selling exhibit space at IMTS. But they take their relationship with the exhibiting customer a step farther by providing tools and education to help those customers make the most of that significant investment. AMT produces monthly webinars all year. They send weekly email tips. They subscribe to my online Exhibitor Telesummit and they put on this six-city road show providing a full-day workshop teaching exhibiting success. In other words, AMT accepts a certain level of responsibility in their customers' success at IMTS.

Because of this more and more exhibitors ARE successful. And because they're more successful, they come back next time and they tell their friends.

You sell a product or service that helps your customers, right? What else can you do to help them use your product more printable?

Are your customers more successful because of you?