Next month I will be attending my 50th high school class reunion. I hope the venue will be able to accommodate all our wheel chairs.

So I was reminiscing a bit this morning about the 60s and 70s while listening to Meatloaf’s outstanding Bat Out of Hell album. One of his biggest hits was “I’ll Do Anything For Love, But I Won’t Do That.”

This reminded me of one of the things we’re well known for — Our Rules.

We developed and posted our Rules and Values prominently on our website many years ago. Initially created because of a bad client relationship, Kay and I wanted to make sure people knew what we stood for and what expect in a new relationship. To this day we still get a lot of comments…pretty much all positive.

Do you have Rules your business stands for? Can you point prospects to a document that says, “Here’s how we do business?”

Watch this week’s UNCOPYABLE Business video and see what I’m talking about!

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