I’ve reached out to a lot of really smart and successful people during this craziness. I’m really curious to know how they’re looking at this and what action steps they might be taking.

Interestingly enough, ONE thing has stood from almost everybody I’ve communicated with.

​They’re using this opportunity to LEARN. Some of them want to learn more about a topic, or improve a skill. Others want to study something NEW that haven’t had time to work on, but now do.​

And so this makes today’s Massive Action easy:


The Interweb has a gazillion places you can go to learn something new. Here are some cool sites that will help you:

This site is unbelievable. You can study everything from basic math to world history to storytelling(taught by Pixar!) to physics, and a lot more. If, by chance, you have kids stuck at home and want help home schooling them, this is place to to go. It’s FREE!.

Ya, I know you know about this amazing community and their massive library of videos, but you might not know some of the inside stuff. I’ve attended TED and even spoke at the 2007 conference in Monterey, so I get the emails! Here’s one thing TED is doing this week to check out:

Hosted by head of TED, Chris Anderson and current affairs curator Whitney Pennington Rodgers, TED Connects: Community and Hope is a free, live, daily conversation series featuring experts whose ideas can help us reflect and work through this uncertain time with a sense of responsibility, compassion and wisdom.​

Access 2000 free online courses from 140 leading institutions worldwide, including Harvard, MIT, and more.​

Coursera has more than 35 million learners, 150 university partners, 2,700 courses, 250 specializations and four degrees. In addition to free courses, Coursera offers courses generally ranging from $29 – $99.

Take advantage of this unique situation!
Stay safe and take Massive Action!