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We’re all experiencing Massive Disruption in our daily lives.

Many, including our daughter, Kelly, who works for Callaway Golf, are now assigned to work from home.

Restaurants and other small businesses are losing money…many are closing, so please do your part to support local businesses!. People will get layed off.

Many, many people rely on social contact to keep their sanity, my smokin’ hot wife, Kay, included.

Nobody is unaffected. But one thing you can focus on during this historic episode is to practice MASSIVE ACTION.

Massive Action is a concept…an attitude we can embrace when things are TOUGH…when we get STUCK, maybe FROZEN…when our personal rhythm is disrupted…when our world is thrown into disarray by uncontrollable circumstances.

Massive Action helps us survive, because we CHOOSE to not let the chaos take us down.

Massive Action isn’t mystical, or woo-woo mumbo-jumbo. It’s solid stuff. But it might be different from what we normally behave, or normally think.

Massive action is a whack on the side of the head we all need in times of crisis.

Over the next couple of weeks, I’m going to share a daily Massive Action you can take that might make a huge difference in your day and in your attitude.

Today’s Massive Action Tip #1 speaks mainly to people who are now forced to work from home. You might be surprised at its simplicity.


If you’re working from home, dress like you’re still going to the office.

This is a pretty big deal, actually. I’ve been reading all these social media posts from people talking about rolling out of bed, not taking a shower, and wearing their pajamas, maybe even less, when they “go to work” at home.

Look, if you consider yourself a professional, then ACT like one. Get up tomorrow morning, take a shower, eat breakfast, grab your coffee, and get dressed just like you did last week.

For many of you, this would definitely be MASSIVE ACTION. Think about it.

Kay and I have have worked out of our home for 34 years now. We’ve got a LOT more specific MASSIVE ACTIONS to share with you.

Watch for tomorrow’s tip.


PS: Did you watch my video last week, 5 marketing tactics you CAN do during the coronavirus crisis? Good stuff there, too.