I have been remiss in not writing about this sooner. A while back, Drew McClellan asked a bunch of marketing pundits (including yours truly) what advice we’d give this years college graduates. Boy, do I wish someone had done something like this for me! Drew got submissions from all these people:

Aaron Potts
Andy Brudtkuhl
Andy Nulman
Andy Wibbels
Ann Handley
Ann Michael
Anne Simons
Becky Carroll
Bob Glaza
C.B. Whittemore
Carolyn Manning
Chris Cree
Christine Brown
Darren Barefoot
David Reich
Delaney Kirk
Derek Tutschulte
Designer Mike
Doug Karr
Doug Mitchell
Drew McLellan
Joan Schramm
Kevin Hillstrom
Lewis Green
Liz Strauss
Mario Sundar
Mark Goren
Mark True
Mary Schmidt
Nick Rice
Patrick Schaber
Paul McEnany
Phil Gerbyshak
Roberta Rosenberg
Roger von Oech
Rosa Say
Seth Godin
Sharon Sarmiento
Stephanie Weaver
Steve Sisler
Terry Starbucker
Toby Bloomberg
Tony D. Clark
Valeria Maltoni

If you have a college graduate this year or just someone who needs some career advice, for FREE, send them this 50-page PDF:

3+ mg e-book with photos  Download collegegradsadvice.pdf

Tiny little 300K text only e-book Download collegegradsnophoto.pdf