I think it’s pretty safe to say that from a sales and marketing perspective things will be different as we come out on the other side of the pandemic.

But who knows what that exactly means? My crystal ball is as cloudy as anyone’s. I mean who would have guessed a short time ago that “cleanliness” would be an expectation for almost every business?

I do, however, feel this does give us all an opportunity to pivot our marketing, messaging, and maybe even our deliverables. If we think the old criteria we used to communicate with prospects and customers will still work, I’m pretty sure we’d be wrong.

In this week’s UNCOPYABLE Business video, I talk about seven new and very different criteria can, at the very least, potentially give us a leg up on the competition.

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The 11 Old Rules of Business That Still Matter

It might seem like the way we do business has changed,
but ultimately, we’re still people doing business with people.
Many old rules of doing business are just as applicable
today as they were 50, 100 years ago.

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