maker-s-mark-bourbon-375ml-24I had the privilege of recently interviewing Rob Samuels, COO of Makers Mark Distillery and eighth generation in his family to run the company. Makers Mark is an outstanding marketer and great example of creating the club your target market wants to be members of.

Starting from the time he was nine years old, Rob Samuels worked at virtually every position in the distillery. Today, as Chief Operating Officer of Maker’s Mark, Rob has one main focus: growing the distillery to match the world’s demand for his family’s bourbon without, of course, screwing up the bourbon. Rob became Chief Operating Office in 2011, after his father, Bill Samuels, Jr., announced his retirement from day-to-day operations. He became Chairman Emeritus as Rob took his place as COO.

Listen to this fascinating interview about the Makers Mark history and how they’ve built the business using “Ambassadors.”

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