Thanks to the MIT Advertising Lab for finding this one.

I have no problem with stealing other ideas. In fact, I encourage it. Some of the best ideas in business came through theft — McDonalds drive-thrus stolen from banks, Velcro stolen from burrs in a field, the printing press stolen from grape pressers…

But when I talk about stealing ideas, I’m not talking about direct theft from a direct competitor. Budweiser Select (BS) advertising, "Exceptional Taste. Never Filling." ???? Are you kidding me?

A direct ripoff of one of the greatest advertising campaigns of all time from Miller Lite ("Tastes Great! Less Filling!")? Either the ad guy from BS hasn’t studied the history of advertising or he/she is simply too lazy/stupid/ignorant uneducated to know. Either way, it makes BS look like they can’t come up with a new ad slogan.

What’s the MLL (Marketing Lesson Learned) here? The objective is to stand apart from the competition in some superior way. If you copy them, you’re following the leader.