Img_1861I just spent the weekend at The Brown Palace in Denver facilitating a board meeting for The National NeedleArts Association. (It’s true, there’s an association for EVERYBODY!)

If you’re like me, when you first walk into a hotel room, you check it out. I walked into the bathroom and was greeted by this note stuck on the mirror:

Look at yourself
in the Mirror.
Ask yourself,

"so self, does a
spa treatment
sound good
right now?"

Dial 8940

How many people who travel all day, fighting airport security, crowded seats, and a 45-minute taxi ride in from Denver International Airport see this note and think, "That DOES sound good right now!" I’ll bet quite a few.

This is a great example of the Purpose of Marketing – to be on the mind of the prospect when the prospect is ready to buy. (I blogged about this on August 29.)

In addition, it’s CHEAP. How much did it cost to print these notes and put them on the mirrors of each room? Great marketing doesn’t have to be expensive.