Leg cramps are not only extremely painful, but since they often happen at night, they cause loss of sleep.

This is a real problem and you’re looking for a solution!

If this really applies to you, then most likely, that’s why you checked out my message. Why did you do that? The answer is because your reticular activating center was on alert. Even subconsciously, this little part of your brain is working 24/7 to find an answer to painful leg cramps. Our brain works very hard to move in the direction of its current dominant thought.

Essentially, I joined the conversation already going on in your mind.

We don’t always know or have impact on when our prospects and customers will be ready to make a buying decision. But we can create anchors and triggers that help be there at that moment of truth.

Join me and my very special guest, my smokin’ hot wife, Kay, on the 100th Episode of UNCOPYABLE Business, and learn more about how you can be on the mind of the customer when the customer is ready to buy.

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The 11 Old Rules of Business That Still Matter

It might seem like the way we do business has changed,
but ultimately, we’re still people doing business with people.
Many old rules of doing business are just as applicable
today as they were 50, 100 years ago.

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