Seattle Sounders FCOne day after the Seattle Sounders FC suffered its worst home loss and fell to last place in its division, team ownership announced it would refund its 32,000 season-ticket holders for the embarrassment. The Sounders were humiliated 4-0 on Saturday by the Los Angeles Galaxy.

The refund comes in the form of a one-game credit toward next year's season ticket package. And yes, you read that right. The Sounders have 32,000 season ticket holders.

Do the math. Single game tickets range from $50 in the nosebleed seats to $95 closer to the action. At $50 a ducat, the team will be crediting  a minimum of $1.6 million dollars next year.

Think about this. The Seattle Sounders are refunding $1.6 million dollars because the team had a bad game.

You don't suppose some airline executives might hear about this and say, "Hey, that's a great idea! The next time we go park on a tarmac for three hours, we should give everybody their money back!"


BTW, what kind of a guarantee do YOU have for customers when something goes wrong?