Inspirational. Riveting. Amazing. Overwhelming.

It's hard to put words on something that can literally touch the marrow of your bones and give you that little shiver of awe. But that's what this 17:07 video just did to me. What a GREAT way to start my day! Take the time to watch this. It's only 17:07. Close your door. Crank up the volume. But don't close your eyes. Watch these amazing kids. And then share this with your friends.

I'm a TEDster, but didn't make it to this year's event in Long Beach. So now I'm catching up by watching the presentations posted on the website. If you don't know about TED, you need to check out their site. Dozens of speeches, poetry, music, demonstrations from truly brilliant people — all under 18 minutes long. I was honored to give a 12-minute talk myself at the 2007 TED University. Even though they told me later it would be posted, it still hasn't. Truthfully, I'm not sure how to feel about that. Part of me thinks, rats, I WANT to be on the website! Part of me says, I don't want to be compared to all these other brilliant people! It's a dilemma.