Nbc olympic logo Am I being too sensitive and critical here? Maybe you can help me with this nagging feeling I'm having, because I'm willing to listen. You see, I have a problem with NBC's coverage of the Olympics. My problem? All I see are old white guys.

Kay, Kelly, and I all enjoy when the Olympics roll around. We become enrapt with the athletes' stories…the inevitable thrill of victories and agonies of defeat…the rise of those previously unknown and the ongoing sagas of winners returning from four years ago. For two weeks, we live in front of the TV.

I don't want to dwell on the fact that we live 2 1/2 hours south of Vancouver and will never see an event live. It's sort of like watching the Super Bowl on tape delay AFTER you already know the score. That, of course, is irritating beyond belief.

But the issue that really bothers me is the fact that NBC can't seem to find anyone other than old white guys to host the broadcasts and announce the events. We've had hours and hours of Al Michaels, Bob Costas, Brian Williams, Jimmy Roberts, Cris Collinsworth, Al Trautwig, Dick Button, Bill Patrick, Scott Hamilton, and so on and so on.

To be sure, every one of these people is very good at what they do. I have no argument there. And yes, they do slip in an occasional Mary Carillo story, but let's face it folks, the gray-haired white guys are getting the lion's share of on-camera time. I'm bothered by and I AM an old white guy.

If I were a marketing gunslinger, I might suggest to NBC they should bring in more diversity to their broadcasts. Oh wait, I AM a marketing gunslinger.

Hey NBC, are you aware your audience is a little more colorful than white? And there are a few more women out there watching the Olympics, too. And aren't you covering athletes of all races, color, ethnicity, religions, and political viewpoints, as well as other various differences. I'll bet SOME of them even put their toilet paper roll with the paper coming from UNDER. Weird, but probably true!

Why do I find this important. Because an important component of marketing is matching your message and your branding proposition to your market. And, IMNSHO, NBC is basically thumbing their noses at non-white non-males.

So, do you agree or disagree with me? I'm willing to hear the arguments. Please comment below.