I bet Humor and Uncopyable Marketing 1you love to laugh. You wouldn’t be a follower of Steve Miller’s if you didn’t. Steve’s a pretty funny guy. As his other half, (our 32nd anniversary is coming up in October) I have the opportunity to laugh with him – and at him – almost daily.

Laughter is an endorphin-booster, a tension-easer, and just plain fun. Which makes humor a smart marketing tool that’s not used nearly enough.

For a masterful example of marketing humor, check out this video with Ryan Reynolds and Sir Richard Branson. There’s a lot of joking around as they announce a partnership between Virgin Atlantic and Aviation Gin (which Reynolds recently purchased).

The clip has gotten huge press. The results demonstrate how effective humor can to create buzz for your product. (As long as your product or service isn’t too serious. Joking about something like cremation services could cause your business to go up in smoke).

Watch the clip, and think about opportunities to use humor in your marketing. It could help your message to resonate with your audience in an Uncopyable way.