My smokin’ hot wife, Kay, and I are down in Sunriver, OR on a working vacation this week. We used to have a cabin here, but sold it about three years ago. Still, we love this place.

Our favorite breakfast restaurant in the world is located here – Cafe Sintra. The food and ambience is amazing and we became friends with Tracie Landsem, the owner. 

Tracie has instilled an strong “engage with our customers” philosophy in her staff. They are all extremely friendly, smiling, and eager to help. But, naturally, Tracie is the lead dog, making all her customers feel welcome and important. She often brings a complimentary plate of pastries, which makes you feel special.

Tracie has made Cafe Sintra UNCOPYABLE. Watch our short video and learn more about ways to create that magical “attachment” with your own customers!

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